What birthed this?

And so there I was pacing and praying in my office meeting room and could hear the lord reminding me to start the “Half Hour Lunch Prayer Network” for working class believers. The vision is being born out of a need to ensure believers don’t lose their fire because of busy work schedules! I can hear the words of Jesus in Luke 12:35 – “keep your loins girded and your lights burning”.

The idea is to spend 30 minutes out of our daily 1 hour break praying. A lot of us wake up in the morning, rush out to work without even taking to our dear heavenly father and in no time we lose our spiritual lives all because of Mammon!!!! This network is to encourage ourselves by ourselves to spend that 30 mins praying (better before lunch). You can pray in your office toilet (I do too), car park, staircase, library and even roof if possible – anywhere is ok.

If you are interested in this and want to be reminded about this prayer every work day, then please sign up now. Together we will keep our loins girded and lights burning.

A prayer network for working class believers!

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Half Hour Everyday

At work


Hear what others say!

I have been blessed by the daily half an hour prayer text reminders as it has increased the consciousness in me that even with the business of the day, I can still have fellowship with God and experience His presence.  "
Half Hour Prayer Network is simply one of God's ways of showing me how much He loves me.

The demands of my new job, in collaboration with Lagos traffic (every single day) were gradually but steadily taking me away from fellowship with God.

The typical "leave home 6:00 am and get back 8:00 p.m daily (sometimes even later)". Always getting home very tired. All that matters at that moment is just food and sleep, and before you know it, its 5:00 a.m again. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

HHPN is such a blessing!
Its amazing how a simple reminder to pray everyday can make such a huge difference. Sometimes, after praying, I even mark the message as unread, so even if I get lost in work, I can always remember to pray again whenever I pick up my phone.

HHPN Admin, I don't know about any other person, but this prayer network has become a very important aspect of my christian life.

Please keep the great work going.  "
HHPN has been a blessing. Please keep up the reminders. The good Lord continue to bless you.  "


Spend half an hour with GOD!

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